Sattriya Dance
the 500 years old dance form of Assam is one among eight
classical dances of India
is highly devotional in character.


Kirtan kala Kendra

Kirtan Kala Kendra was founded by Dance exponent Smt. Usha Rani Baishya Kakati with the aim of serving and reviving the traditional art form of Assam.It has been establish to promote and propagate the classical art of India with special focus on Sattriya dance, Ankia Bhaona, Bargeet and Khol Badan and conservation of very rich cultural heritage of Assam including folk music, folk musical instrument and folk dances. Kirtan Kala Kendra also a training institute of classical dance (Sattriya and Kathak ), folk music, drama, theatre etc.

Since Sattriya cultural, a 500 years old art form of Assam is lesser known outside the state of origin, Kirtan Kala Kendra proposes through various activities of Dance festivels, seminars, workshops etc. promote and propagate the rich cultural heritage of Assam.